Ever Dream About Eating an E-book and Wake Up with a Laptop on Your Face?

Be sure to read your e-book.
A crummy commercial?  S.O.B!
I’m serious: Amazon Kindle ads appeared in my dreams.  Don’t ask me what else I dreamt about, but I shot out of bed and asked myself, “really dude, a Kindle?”  It isn’t a surprise though, you can see the ads all along the inside of the train, at the tube stops, and along the outside walls to each and every station.  You can’t avoid the Kindle, and I am ashamed to say I want it.  I want it bad.  I want it the way Ralphie wanted an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle.  Love the opportunity to quote Ralphie, but I am dead serious here.  Give it to me. 

What gives?  Is the Kindle really that great?  The Kindle cameo in my dreams gives me some concern: either I have a strange e-reader fetish, an impressionable proclivity towards mass advertisements, or just happened to have a random dream about a Kindle.  I’m praying for the random dream.  Either way, the topic warrants a little consideration while I am awake.

There are Kindle comparisons to the iPad and other e-readers, and the benefits are fairly clear.  Here is the problem: I am in the middle of a book right now – a long 600 pager, at that.  What happens if I buy a Kindle during the middle of a book, do you just put the $150 device aside and wait until you are finished?  Do you buy the e-version of the book and pick-up half way (what do you do with the book?)?  Do you try and time it so that the e-reader arrives right when you are finished (otherwise, you will not have a new book in “sixty seconds”)?  I’m sure there are bigger problems in the world, but the advertisements have not addressed these issues yet, and as a result I’m not sold.  I am so confused. 

A quick comparison of the Kindle versus my book, The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver):

Less than a paperback (including the Internal Revenue Code in paperback?)
A paperback, depending on what you store in it (see below)
No glare in the sun
Shiny cover glares a little bit, but I rarely read romance novels and there is no sun in the UK so I am not too concerned
Up to one month with wireless off!
Battery Life
Still going and going…
20% faster
Page Turning
What if I am a slow reader?
3,500 books
Ideal for boarding passes, real pictures, and gum wrappers
It’s a book
Lend to friends for 14 days
Avoid guilt related to throwing a book away by lending it to a friend, forever (“OMG, this book is SO good, you should totally read it!”…hahaha, sucker)
It’s a toss up.  I will continue reading my traditional book.  But when I finish it, and I will finish it, perhaps I will allow my dreams to come true.  Only time will tell.  This whole post is ridiculous…welcome to my world, and happy e-writing.

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7 replies

  1. Pulling a Dominic – you have no idea how honored I am! So long as it isn't like getting Munsoned…

  2. I see that the word games are a family trait. Anytime anyone tells a word joke around the office now it is referred to as "pulling a Dominic". Can't wait to read your book, Dom. As long as there are tons of word jokes, that is!

  3. Well dodo, keep spelling like that and we may have a problem…..dodo, noun, 1. extinct bird……….doodoo, noun, 1. crapand it's wHittier my lovely brotha. 🙂

  4. Gigi, it is dangerous territory in which we now dance…when a comment is better written, and has more wit (wittier is a city in East LA) then I am afraid that I may be in deep dodo. But then again, it may be a good sign… I just don't know. Yes, I do want a Kindle!

  5. Nick, the duality of it all. It's so obvious to me. Nick, noun, 1. my brother who wants a Kindle …….Nick, verb, 1. british slang meaning to steal. So Mr. Nick (unlike Mr. Dick), get you ass out there and steal a Kindle. It's so bloody obvious to me! See you soon….gigi, noun, 1. amazing sister abroad, a broad, oh I'll stop. I could go on and on…..

  6. Yes, Melissa, these are very good points indeed. Durability, susceptibility to electrocution, and canine taste buds are all things we should consider (the Kindle may be the death knell to "My dog ate my homework" if we are not vigilant). Thanks so much for posting! Hope you are staying warm in ess tea el.

  7. Hi Dominic, One measure I would add to your analysis is durability. My great fear is the expensive Kindle falling out of my hand when I fall asleep reading it and smashing upon the floor. Given I often read before bed, finding the book on the floor next morning is a fairly common occurance. A book usually survives such treatment or can be taped, binder clipped or covered in brown paper when the glossy cover falls off. I have also heard tell of paper books falling into the bath that can be dried in the oven. Would a Kindle electrocute you? On the other hand, I don't think Hugo would eat a Kindle. Best, Melissa

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