Location, Location, Wait What Was I Saying?

We apartment hunt like we are trying to lose a tail: speed left; u-turn and take the first alley-way; fix your scarf and engage the flashers (mind out of the gutter, boys); reverse back onto the traffic circle; mind the gap and rouge packet of crisps; and leave the car with the agent and run up to see the joint before anyone takes notice.  Seriously, in two days we have seen twenty different apartments in no less than 6 or 7 neighborhoods.  This adventure has been, in a word of my newly acquainted brethren, massive (a major thank you to our zealous pilot).
Utilities are minimal…
Here is the funny thing, zigzagging across my island (“yea, my island” – name the movie and get a free eternal domnation t-shirt*) has literally taken two full days.  Little did we know that all along we passed the now recipient of our official offer of tenancy** each and every day on our way to the tube!  Are you kidding me?  The place we decided on is two blocks away!  You have to love it.
To make a home is a beautiful thing; it is so cool to watch the speed of this transformation when you are along side that person, and that person alone, who makes absolutely any place where you stand together, home.  Well, we have been in the UK for 10 days, and we already call Fulham home.  Truth of the matter is that Fulham is our home because we have spent the last 10 days here, together.  And even though I still haven’t received any mail with my name on it (Publishing Clearing House, this is your final notice), I could not imagine myself anywhere else.  
It is an extraordinary thing putting in an offer on a place only two blocks away.  In short, it is brilliant.  The place we want was there all along.  And I do not think this uncommon.  Wish us luck on the British negotiations, renting can certainly be a pain in the arse.  No more writing tonight…
*pending finalization of sponsorship from an anonymous source.
** we sent an e-mail saying we want it.

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7 replies

  1. RJ: your response regarding the history of the word "soccer" was amazing, this one, well…not so much. Knowing you as a good friend, I will reproduce your "soccer response" so that you are redeemed in some minor way. RJ's historical diatribe is reproduced without permission:"BTW – Soccer is an English term. So it's ok to use. Back in the day, there were two kinds of Football in the UK. Rugby Football and Association Football. Association football is what we know as soccer. People shortened the term Associated Football to Assoc to save time. From that, was born Soccer. What type of football do you play? Rugby or Soccer? So Soccer is a legitimate English term."Well done, lad! dom

  2. Jonathon takes the free T-shirt, though sponsorship is still pending.**while supplies last.

  3. Daniel – I was totally thinking about how small our apartment would be when I took that photo. When I posted it, the joke became too real so I went with a different caption! Hope you are doing well bud…HMU (just learned this one, "hit me up").

  4. Wouldn't it be "flat" hunting? I don't think they have apartments in the UK.

  5. Damnit Johnny……you beat me to the punch. "I told you, it's my island". Great movie. Can't wait to visit Fulham. Hehehe

  6. I'm hoping that the picture is not of your new place 🙂 Best of luck in your tenancy negotiations!

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