One Sheet and Two Towels to the Wind

Four plates; mini-water cups; bowls; forks, knives and spoons makes our kitchen routine pretty easy.  Eat and drink, wash, and repeat.  If laziness calls, eat and drink, eat and drink, then wash and repeat.  There is really no other option and to be honest it is comforting.  Could you imagine emptying out your kitchen and replacing your cutlery and fine Ikea china with only 4 sets of each?
It is not an extra mug, it is a chalice
and it was used by…Bloody Hell!
In addition to the above, we have five coffee mugs that are on constant rotation.  Generally there is one in the cupboard and four on the drying rack.   This is great, but also unsettling.  Why five when everything else is four?  If I were Benjamin Franklin Gates in National Treasure 3, would I gleam something important from this extra mug (“extra mug” is just fun to say, and it is now noted in my Future Band Names folder)? 
In the meantime, we have settled into our daily lives, and we are simply used to having the extra mug around.  We no longer question on a daily basis, “why five?”  But maybe we should (cue music)…

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4 replies

  1. Hehehehe, love me some NatTreas. You know the drill, never trust a link by its . Uh oh, looks like someone is learning a little HTML! And dude, I am totally on spork patrol now, I will report as soon as I spot one!

  2. Really Dominic? National Treasure 3!?!?!?! I'm surprised you found a photo – though you need to prove to me it is from the third and not the first or second regardless of what the link says. And really, you don't need both spoons and forks. You can make use of the greatest invention ever from the red, white and blue (I'm talking Taco Bell) – the SPORK baby! Be sure to bring 3 back with you after your holiday visit.

  3. Thanks Tay! Post edited…and extra mug waits your arrival!

  4. Hi Uncle Nick!I just found your blog 🙂 a note to the revision-oriented Dominic: 'cue music,' con la ce. Love you and say hi to Sheila for me! See you both soon!ps. the extra mug is for me when I visit this summer!

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