London Snow and Santa Smells Like Beef and Cheese

Elf Will Ferrell
Congratulations, World’s Best
Cup of Coffee!
Great job, everybody!
Snow fell on London and our little neighborhood, Fulham, is covered by a not-so-warm blanket of fresh powder and ice.  Funky little euro cars are a slipping and a sliding and it is downright wonderful to spend an entire afternoon in our quaint IKEA pad.  Elf is on the telly, and a little touch of Kahlua in our instant-coffee seals the deal: Christmas season has officially graced the Giuliani Temporary Household.
An observation, if I may: stirring said coffee and liquor with a pen is oddly enjoyable.  Try it.
Happy Holidays from all of us at eternal domnation (i.e., me)!

Categories: Fulham, IKEA, Observation, Rambling, Weather

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