Kicking it With Kids

What is fair punishment for a kid that kicks the back of your seat for the entirety of your flight?
My name is what?
My flight from London to Los Angeles was about 11 hours.  The little punk behind me played treadmill with my seat, for all 11 hours.  Bloody Hell, the mother just sat there and watched the brat walk all over me.  I think the kid needs to learn a lesson and understand the pain she caused me.  I’m now in LA and so exhausted that I barely know my name (though my back feels, well refreshed).  
So as fair punishment, I say that she should have to legally change her name annually, on her birthday, for the next 11 years (i.e., the number of hours the runt kicked your seat).  That will teach her, and seems fair to me.    Then again, I am so tired  I don’t even know what I am typing.

Categories: Bloody Hell, Observation, Rant

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  1. I tensed up up reading this rant. This is a subject that everyone speaks about, yet the parent/parents with these said children don't give a shit or they are so exausted that they cant care anymore. Or is there another type of parent that thinks their kid going ape shit on a plane is so cute. Well, to those parents I say, cuss you.

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