A Shameless Plug For PEPY and Better World Books

A shameless plug for PEPY and Better World Books
Yes, the picture above depicts the power source to the world’s best blog, Etneral Domnation (congratulations guys!).  And no, I did not buy the converter from IKEA (which has been an obsession, along with a little e-reader).  
The PEPY Ride
I risked electrocution to get this post powered, and accordingly I feel I have earned the discretion of a shameless plug (and terrible pun).  While we are at it, make it two.  First, if you want to make a year-end donation, and get the write-off for the 2010 tax year, or you are simply [a saint and] interested in learning about a wonderful organization, I would be ever so grateful that you consider The PEPY Ride.  

Better World Books

Additionally, if you have a hankering to buy books, please use Better World Books.  Your hard earned dough supports global literacy projects, including partners of PEPY.  Bonus, the prices are right, the books are righteous, and there is free shipping around the globe.

Meanwhile, may you 23 + my rouge-and-random-checkers have a safe and happy new year.  Off to Portugal, back in 2012 if I can resist Eternal Domnation for that long!  Until then…happy reading!

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