No Love Lost for The Temper Trap

Let’s be frank, these days music videos are soft-core porn.  And for the record, I only watch MTV for the music.  I’m not entirely ranting here.  It is just that I find all the thrusting and jiggling a little bizarre given the oft nonsensical lyrics.  

Maybe I am irritated since I have suffered through countless Cameron Diaz and Carmen Electra movies for a lot less sex appeal?  In a two-minute music video there is rarely enough clothes to outfit the Swedish army (there are only three members and all of them are privates – hey, where is your mind?  It is the music videos I tell you.)
The Temper Trap video for “Love Lost” reminds me of stomping in puddles after a nice rain.  Ah, to be a kid again!  I especially like the chubby kid, who couldn’t hit a puddle if it were right in front of him (I am being literal here).  I honestly don’t know whether the video is strange, or if it is awesome.  Maybe it is a little bit of both.  Enjoy, and purify your mind.

Categories: Music Video, Rant, Temper Trap

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