Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Owls

I have always wanted to be a morning person.  It just never happened for me.  I tried all the tricks of the trade, especially the entire alarm clock thing.  But, for whatever reason “the morning” is just not for me.  Ah, for me, I agree with Ray Charles, the night time is the right time.  

Night Time Is The Right Time
Five more minutes Ray?
I’m grumpy without at least three cups of coffee.  I am lethargic until I have a shower, eat a solid breakfast (none of this cereal crap), have another cup of coffee, and then have lunch.  And then, finally, I’m awake and potentially happy.  I can face it, I’m an afternoon person.
And I have to say to all you haters, quit being so damn harsh on night-owls.  “Oh good morning, whoops I mean afternoon, sleepyhead.”  Oh really?  I was up until two in the morning; you went to bed at nine.  Do I dig on you Mr. Rip van Wrinkle?  No.  Do I really care that you have already put in half-a-day?  Not really, I put in my half while you were asleep.  And do I say anything negative to you early bird?  Give the sleepers a rest, will you (yes, this is a terrible pun)? 
Oh right, the point.  So I wanted to be a morning person, and it finally happened.  Simple solution: move into a flat on a busy road that’s adjacent to commuter railroad that sits under a flight path to one of the worlds busiest airports.  
It is 6:46am and I have only had one cup of coffee.  This is what happens.  Sorry.

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