Here is Your Happy Birthday Ken Doll

When I was a kid, I used to tell my friend Kendall that I longed to read books with my Ken Doll, who can dole out kind ‘ole stories that are really ama-zon!”  He joked and called Hawaiian pineapples’ siblings “Kin Doles.” 

Wait a minute, Ken Doll
said I was living in the closet?
Subliminal messages are generally quite difficult to craft, and even more troublesome to effectively deliver through a blog.  If you don’t mind me saying, I hit a home run with my latest campaign.  No, she didn’t have to read my blog backwards, re-read the paragraph above (and forgive me for it), or focus on a certain post for five seconds and then try to look past the tip of her nose for a three-dimensional image to appear on her screen.  Rather, she had to pick up on the incredibly delicate and subtle hints that I speckled throughout Eternal domnation over the last thirty or so posts.

Victory is mine!  My wife, clearly without any idea of my active role in her subconscious decision process, bought me the most fabulous gift I could ever ask for: an Amazon Kindle 3G.  How did she know?  That was rhetoric, by the way, it was my subliminal messages of course!  Isn’t clandestine propaganda fun?


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