The Internet is in the Computer?

Internet, at home.  What a novel idea!  With a great amount of pride (insert excess Visine into eyes for effect), I announce “Go Kings Wifi,” now available at the Giuliani household on New Kings Road!
The Internet is in the computer?
It has been a tough month without it, trust me.  I know what some of you are thinking, bloody hell get over it, you can get by without it for a month.  Yea, how are you reading this?  Ouch, that was defensive, sorry. 
I think I have figured out the true meaning of Internet in our lives.  It is like the backpack we wore when we were in grade school.  Remember how heavy and over packed that thing was?  The straps almost always gave way to a stringy mess that usually surrendered to a duct tape fix-up.  Life-time guarantee Jans, really?  

In that backpack, we had everything we needed for the day, to name a few: rubbery wrestling figures, Chuck E. Cheese’s tickets, baseball cards, ad-libs, Ed Emberley’s Big Red Drawing Book, and, right, school books.

Well our ability to efficiently communicate, pay bills, blog, research, and look at celebrities in bikinis, is all dependent on our ability to connect to Gore’s invention.  Well I have my backpack back, and I can’t wait to see what is inside (cheesy is good for ratings, sorry!).  First things first: this blog post, from home.

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  1. Dear Nick Was waitring for youse guys yo call. Decided to respond to footprints, which regularly gt washed away by the perptual motion of surf…and to my story, I deceided the best way to diagnode foot$ gait problems was to have the patient w2alk in the sand. circa 1951, measure the depth, drag, distance,deviation etc. Well the prof said it wouldnt fly, and subseqently wrote $ pubnlised an article, using the concept….anothe lifetime ago….footprints,,,so fle3eting,,,,,POP

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