A Merry Can I Doles

I’m not crying,
my eye is leaking.

Wine glasses are meant to be broken, people are not.  I knew we were in trouble immediately when the scenic opening of American Idol from San Francisco made us verklempt before the scrawny host opened the audition door for the first contestant. 

“We used to live … right there!”  Literally, the helicopter captured a scenic shot over the span of the Golden Gate Bridge, leading right into the Presidio.

“I know.  Will you get me a napkin?”  The view of our apartment from above made it look exactly as small as it was.

“For the wine, or for your tears?”  Bloody hell.  Both.

At times I am impressed with the beautiful notes, harmonies, and melodies.  But what the producers really nailed, in my opinion, is sharing the back stories.  How can I put this eloquently?  Humans are eff’ing amazing, and American Idol really knows how to showcase it.  I need not list of calamities and hardships faced by the contestants, we all know that life can be tough and sometimes this burden is unfairly loaded on one person or family.  Often, out of the rubble, the true nature of our being emerges and to witness it, in whatever forum, is truly touching.  My name is Dominic, and I am addicted to American Idol.

I’m not at a stage in my life where I can write with clarity and conviction about transcendence beyond our physical being.  But I do know that we humans fight with all we have against leaving our physical world.  We are true champions in survival, whether we have a decent singing voice or not, and if we can harness this courage and fight within us, before we are actually faced with the bright light, something tells me that we can enrich our physical lives in powerful ways.

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  1. For some reason when I read that last paragraph I had a vision of the "Wyld Stallions" duo Bill and Ted..strumming their way to a utopia. I just thought, "what if your blog one day is the next Wyld Stallions"? 🙂

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