The Butterflies

It’s that feeling in your stomach when someone else controls a fate that you once believed to be predetermined.  The extraordinary commotion inside of you puzzles your gut when you realize that perhaps the next instant may not unfold in the way you wanted it to, even though you would give the world to will momentum towards what you imagined. 

Valerie, it feels like there’s
a bunch of butterflies flapping around
in my stomach right now.  Is that normal?
The second before a coach announces numbers after a try-out, during the silence that follows the first time you say “I love you,” or when your boss calls you into his office and says, “We need to talk,” you feel it.    Your insides turn sideways, upways, and that way; it is both chemical and mystical.  You know that moment, we all do. 
A reaction inside us just may mimic the uniqueness of our fingerprints, but the destination is always the same. It is the moment that is both unique and universal; we realize there is way more to us than skin and bones.  

It is not always welcomed since what follows is undetermined, despite our will.  Yet, the impetus for the conclusion is always invited, by us, intentionally or otherwise and regardless of where the hammer may fall.  

Whether we make the team, get the girl, or land the promotion, the feeling is something we shall always aim to awaken.  The sensation represents change, a reach for something different and, just maybe, a more meaningful life.

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2 replies

  1. Your skin taste better than the gilati!

  2. I thought butterflies were free! Ah, a price for everything ….Ce la vie

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