Mingle in a Cloud Nimbus

The other night I waited in a pub for my wife to finish up work.  The rain was steady, and so was the grey that covered London.  She was trapped on a call, and I was well into my third pint before she finally made it down.  

Mingle in a Cloud Nimbus
(photo by Nestor M)

My Kindle was already packed away when she arrived.  With Dorian Gray out of the picture, she was curious as to how I passed the time while I waited.  Surely I didn’t stare at myself in the mirror behind the bar…for that long.

“What did you do with yourself this entire time?” she asked.

“Mingle,” I replied.  But of course I did.

“Really?” she asked.  One look at the three other men in the pub, and she figured I was putting her on.  But I wasn’t, I was serious.

“On my phone,” I had to admit.

She just shook her head and helped me finish my health shake.

I stand by my words.  To mingle on your personal communication device is still to mingle.  For you traditionalists, listen here:  I connected and worked the room – no, not the Ship and Shovel – the world wide room.  Bam!

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