PC Load Letter?

Perspective.  It is an amazing thing, isn’t it?  There are so many ways to gain it, and probably even more to lose it.  I lost my perspective on Wednesday.  The temperature swung back towards freezing, water dripped down from the clouds like an annoying leaking faucet, and I missed my train.  
PC Load Letter?  
I had a bad day, and it changed the way I looked at everything set out in front of me.  My book seemed like a chore during my commute, a challenging task at work all of a sudden seemed tedious, and bloody hell – one of life’s biggest blessings and proof of a higher power – my second cup of coffee even tasted bitter.  

A gloss of cynicism draped almost everything I did and the bad day fed on itself, bad after bad just gaining momentum until I reached my front door and realized I forgot my keys at work.  I’m not complaining, there is a pub next door, I’m just saying it was one of those days.  

Categories: Rambling

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