Just Faucet, It’s a Bad Idea

I’ve said it before, I’m not living in the UK simply to draw comparisons and make complaints but sometimes I have to ask myself, really?  Okay, here is the deal:  this is a highly developed economy and home to countless innovations (including, apparently, the Hoover and meat pie), so why is it that heaps of the sinks still have two faucets – one for hot and one for cold?

Really?  Why?
I really don’t get this phenomenon.  The Loo will have touchless flushing, automatic soap dispensers, bloody hell even an XLERATOR® Hand Dryer that just about blows your pants off, yet no device to bridge and regulate hot and cold water?  Really?  

I generally use the pray-cup-and-pool method:  First, join both hands along the inner pinky fingers and squeeze your palms together.  Second, cup said palms in a prayer or blessing type fashion and fill the resulting man-hand-made-receptacle with about a third of cold water.  Third, carefully zip your hands across the sink, making sure not to loose too much of the cold water, into the opposite faucet.  Fourth, add scalding hot water to taste.  

The high risk of injury, waste of water, added incentive to forgo soap or washing all together, and the propensity to have two leaky faucets on a bad day, make me believe this is an area ripe with opportunity for improvement.  

The Great Britain Greater Council on Plumbing and Dueling Faucets refused to comment, citing this as a matter of tradition. 

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