Happy Easter, A RoadTrip

The wifey and I are hitting the opposite side of the road, at least until we hit Dunkirk!  I’m afraid it has not been a busy couple weeks here at eD, and now posts will likely be few and far between until after the Royal Wedding.  

I swear I had it on the roof!

Please feel free to catch up on a post or two you may have missed.  You may want to focus on  Trains, Planes, and Minions, as I have already started to write up the much awaited sequel about the boy and his new minion.  As I type this I am reminded of a one-liner I just read from Tim Sandlin’s Skipped Parts, “If you don’t know anything about people how can you tell when they’re exaggerating?”  I’d like to think that readers of eD can tell when I am exaggerating or being sarcastic, but I am starting to realize that with four million readers this may not be completely possible.

Happy Easter my good friends!  I leave you with a quick story from Paulo Coelho:

A Samurai who was known for his nobility and honesty, went to visit a Zen monk to ask him for his advice.
When the monk had finished his prayers, the Samurai asked,
– Why do I feel so inferior? – I have faced death many times, have defended those who are weak.
“Nevertheless, upon seeing you meditating, I felt that my life had absolutely no importance whatsoever.
– Wait. Once I have attended to all those who come to see me today, I shall answer you.
The samurai spent the whole day sitting in the temple gardens, watching the people go in and out in search of advice. He saw how the monk received them all with the same patience and the same illuminated smile on his face.
At nightfall, when everyone had gone, he demanded:
– Now can you teach me?
The master invited him in and lead him to his room. The full moon shone in the sky, and the atmosphere was one of profound tranquility.
– Do you see the moon, how beautiful it is? It will cross the entire firmament, and tomorrow the sun will shine once again.
“But sunlight is much brighter, and can show the details of the landscape around us: trees, mountains, clouds.
“I have contemplated the two for years, and have never heard the moon say: why do I not shine like the sun? Is it because I am inferior?
– Of course not – answered the samurai. – The moon and the sun are different things, each has its own beauty. You cannot compare the two.
– So you know the answer. We are two different people, each fighting in his own way for that which he believes, and making it possible to make the world a better place; the rest are mere appearances.

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