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It is hard to imagine a better ad to come home to after our road-trip than one for Royal Car Insurance.  The design is not very exciting, true, but it fits. Plus it is better than the Will + Kate ads all over town, at least for me.

Is Ben Aflac still in movies?
Car insurance in Europe?  Why?  Oh yea, because tailgating at 160km is normal.  My wife had to remind me to back off and that I was not European.  I told her it was in the blood.  The need for speed, especially in kilometers, is contagious.  I still need to figure out what that gesture was (man in white van, not a good thing I don’t think).

Standing bet that we will receive three tickets in the mail.  Wife reckons two.  “Was that lightening,” she asked me one night in France.  “No, that was the french po-po taking a picture of our license plate.  Crap.”

I figured out the gesture.

Thanks Rick Steves, for this thorough and very accurate depiction of the gesture made by the man in the white van (we were at a stop light, I’m not sure what I did to deserve such a response):

Forearm jerk: Clench your right fist and jerk your forearm up as you slap your right bicep with your left palm. This is a rude phallic gesture that men throughout southern Europe often use the way many Americans “give someone the finger.” This jumbo version of “flipping the bird” says “I’m superior” (it’s an action some monkeys actually do with their penises to insult their peers). This “get lost” or “up yours” gesture is occasionally used by rude men in Britain and Germany as more of an “I want you” gesture about (but never to) a sexy woman.

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