What do You Want, a Plaque?

There is something terribly odd about the fact that I repaired my toothbrush.  True, yesterday I had to turn my book off during take-off and landing, and that is odd too.  But repairing a toothbrush is just bizarre when you really chew on it. 
What came first, the little bags
or miniature toothbrush sets?
It is true that for several years I walked out of the Dentist’s office and felt like a fraud.  How could it be so?  No cavities?  I’d think about my love for sour patch kids, licorice ropes, and automic fire balls and think, that can’t be right.  Was this a scam?  Did I laugh so hard at the man in white’s jokes that he just decided to let me get away without a single cavity (years later, my movie-theater choices would come to light)?

Either way, yes it is true I felt that I had beat the system when I walked out with nothing but a bag filled with mini-dental-hygienic goodies.  Fair enough, but I wonder if this warrants my current frustration with the toothbrush industry.  How can it be that I find myself repairing a toothbrush?  Have you ever tried to replace a battery in a toothbrush?  It is nearly impossible, and it’s gross.

I have succeeded, but only after reaching into my toolbox for pliers.  I looked at myself in the mirror (of course you fix your toothbrush in front of the mirror) while I first pried the cap loose, finagled the battery out and replaced it, jerry-rigged the connector to make the thing work again and finally as I brushed my teeth for the heck of it.

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