What Is Your Number?

How About Them Apples?

Numbers make me tick (and tie). Hey, I never promised that I wouldn’t make accounting puns so please hear me out. When I say numbers, I do not mean dollars or pence. I mean real numbers. Numbers like 26.2, 100, and 50,000. 
For me, numbers are an easy way to represent my goals, and an even easier metric to identify when I have reached them. Numbers, they are like handle bars on a shiny new bike. You can reach towards them and grab a hold. You can use them to point yourself in the direction of your goals and desires. You can squeeze tight around them and even point uphill when you are really feeling it. Handlebars and numbers, you can really own them. 
But neither alone will not get you to your ultimate destination. You must first decide to pedal and then keep going when you doubt that you can make the final climb. You must trust that you can steer away from potholes and trolley tracks. You must believe that you can point yourself towards where you want to go. 
It is true that numbers will not always represent the ultimate destination. They may simply represent a finish line in a much more meaningful race, the number of posts to reach in the first year of a blog, or the number of words to write during the first month of a writer’s journey to finish his first novel. 
For me, there is just something to “putting a number on it.” 
What’s your number?

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