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Now that Lot is Bananas!

I have talked about perspective before (PC Load Letter?, What is Love?, and Chance Encounter) – but where you may find it never ceases to amaze me. It hadn’t occurred to me, until yesterday, that I prefer the latter half of the alphabet. Okay, let me clarify as that is a little strange. When I choose a seat on an airplane, it is usually with window seat on the right side of the plane (looking from the cockpit towards the tail). The right side of the plane usually has F,J, or K as a window seat. And that is where I like to sit, not in A. 

Well on my flight yesterday I sat in A. And I gained an entirely new perspective upon my decent into Heathrow. Seriously, it was  like an entirely different country from A. If I had dirty hands, I would have left my prints all over the little oval of a window and the stewardess would have told me to stow my jaw with the tray table. 

I finally saw the “allotments” that I had heard some much about. Certain Brits, according to some old rule of law, are allotted a piece of land in the country. It is a little square, rectangle, or L shape tidy piece of land, and they plant veggies and herbs (pronounced like Herbie in Herbie Goes Bananas), and work the soil on the weekends. It is just the coolest thing to see these plots, connected like several layers of a Tetris game, from 15,000 feet. Compared to the incredibly large and UFO inspired crop circles I remember scoping on my descents into Chicago O’Hare, these little plots just make me want to buy a knit sweater, a wee shovel, and random packets of seeds. 

Perspective, I love it.

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  1. sorry forgot to spell check….

  2. I do feel so much better, now I can concentrate my rage on casey anthony getting away with murder…they want to hang rodger clemons for taking hgh and steriods yet OJ and party gal casey can murder with no concequences….what a system…………love ya limey …ma

  3. No bubble to burst – I certainly don't have one! On the contrary though, the land is (and continues to be) owned by the Crown and in some cases the Church of England. The land is alloted at a price, a rent and is never free and it isn't an outright gift to the disadvanaged – there is a waiting list to obtain one and anyone can get on the list (well paid folks at my work are the ones that have told me about them). Ignoring all that, they still look pretty damn cool from 10,000 feet.Love your enthusiasm, and thank you for posting (can always count on you!), I hope this further explanation reduces the rage!!!!

  4. hate to burst your bubble son, regarding how warm and fuzzy the little plots of land made you feel…actually they enrage me, they were probably a large plot of land that some poor sod actually paid for with his hard earned money and the powers to be decided to split up and GIVE to the disadvantaged….the word "allotements" gave me my first hint… you dominic…ma

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