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I thought about Neanderthals today.  If only they had the right set of tools, just maybe they wouldn’t be extinct (notwithstanding the argument there are still a few of ‘em in our ranks).  Random thought?  Not entirely.
When traditional means fail us, we get creative.  I don’t always have my computer in front of me, so I have been finding ways to get my thoughts down.  It occurred to me, as I jotted down a note using the Evernote app on new iPad 2, that paper and pen haven’t been around forever..  My mind took me to the place where blood or bat dung was slung onto cave walls to convey a message.  Symbols streaked into collections of letters that the next person in the cave could reconstruct and understand (“hey neanderthal, a giant dragon lives in here!”).  I just think writing is cool, and here I am doing it on a slightly more sophisticated platform than a cave with bat poop.  I’ve found my note that I wrote on Everpad through an extension on Chrome, and here I am on my home computer finishing off the thought.  My note is below, if you are interested where these thoughts came from.  What’s clear: what you write better mean something to your intended audience, otherwise they may be eaten by a dragon.

This is my first note.  I am using my new wireless keyboard from Apple on my iPad 2 to check it out.  It’s not bad.  Not bad at all.  Really light, cool looking, and paired up via bluetooth without inciting an aneurism.  The only thing I need now is a wireless mouse.  I will order that next, I think.  Now all of a sudden I am addicted to buying things.  For a long while I was in complete save mode, now all of a sudden I have a shiny new iPad with wireless keyboard.  I guess I don’t have a wireless remote – so I’m not exactly hooked on my Amazon.com prime account.  I’m going to order a mouse with no wires and it will be delivered in one day.

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