Take Off, Eh?

This post was written in 3B – three beers – and it looks good, eh?
A week on a plane – sounds kind of like a terribly awesome Samuel L. Jackson movie.  Fasten your seat belts because this month, it’s my life.  Okay, I exaggerated a little bit.  A clock-in and clock-out work-week on a plane, is more like it.  I will spend over 40 hours this month on a plane.  Ear-phones and noise-cancellation head-phones are my secret.  But an entire work-week without the water cooler to make the time go by?  Take off, eh! 
Moral of the story – be careful what you wish for.  I always wanted a job that would take me places.  I wanted a gig that would let me meet people from different cultures, nosh on culinary staples designed for worldly pallets, and circle cubicles in unexpected dimensions.
And that is what I am doing – to a certain extent.  But we all know that business travel is not as lavish or glorious as it sounds.  And it isn’t (though I have met a wonderful assortment of people this year).  In the end, nothing is better than eating over-salted popcorn with my main squeeze.  And that is where I would always rather be.  There is a preverbal silver lining, other than perspective: the opportunity four-times over to drain my laptop battery on a tray table while I inch closer towards the final period to that novel I always talk about. 
Happy writing, from Gate 76B.
No hyphenated words were fatigued during this post.

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