Talking Heads

Talk to the Hand

WellI am finally home after three-plus-weeks of working from the road.  I’d like to say I have a profound post for mydedicated eD followers, but I am afraid I am too damn tired to even try to gothere.  I did learn a few things, alongthe way, though.  I’m always looking forperspective, but what I am talking about here has more to do with inertia.  The movement of our surroundings has animpact on us, and we can all garner a powerful hold on our lives if we cansomehow influence the world around us.

Thislast trip I went south, west, east and back west again.  And in my jet-lag induced hysteria, Irealized that the influence on our surroundings, thankfully, does not have tobe intellectual or philosophical. Rather, we just have to encourage the behaviors we enjoy to be a partof, and discourage those that put us in a tizzy.  Again, I’m not going deep here.  I’m talking a ground out to first:

Ihighly encourage talking with your hands even when you are on a cell phone.  So the person you talk to can’t see your handgesture (singular, assuming one hand on the phone).  But, it’s not about the person on the otherend of the line.  It is about those of us,innocent eavesdroppers, who are forced to watch your muted conversation throughthe patrons of Starbucks who sit between us. You force us to try and figure out what the hell you are talking about.  You are in our space and I think we deserve alittle help.  So please use your handgesture to help get us there.  Churn thatbutter with your free hand or give directions to one half of the orchestra -just give us something to go on.  Heck,if you believe it will make all of us happier in the end, I say buy an earpieceand really bring the plane in.

Idiscourage the use of ski-racks during the summer.  You know who you are.  You look like a cop, and it doesn’t make yourSubaru any cooler.  Please take the rackoff until there is snow within a 100 mile radius.

Apparently,the jet-lag is still slowing me down.  It’sthe small things, folks, that make our lives easier.  Inertia has to start somewhere, and I’m afraidthis is where I am going to start.

Hopeto get back to “normal” posting here soon – half way through!

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