Winter The Friendly Host

On the one hand, I’m Irish.

It’s hard to remember the color the leaves from the days behind us.  They changed without asking me to take notice, and now I am afraid the green has turned to brown and I missed the good parts in-between.  But there are many other reminders that the season has shifted.  We actually went to an NFL game at Wembly, for starters.  Football means Fall, or Autumn, and it was nice to see it arrive here across the pond.

The sun streaks across a much lower path and I am remiss to say the tint of my skin has changed just as quickly as the covering in Parson’s Green.  But that is okay since I cover up my Casper skin with layers. Layers, they say, are the key to keeping warm and hiding the winter glow from unsuspecting by-passers.  It’s only fair that I cover the pasty-whiteness that will only deepen over the next few months.  Bye-bye tan-lines and hello Irish skin.
Winter is on its way and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it but welcome the change.  That, and plan a vacation … Southern Italy? 

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  1. Winter's probably beautiful in London! (For probably two hours tops.) Post a pic when it snows!

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