Tanks Giving

It’s been a week since I set the alarms to put the Turkeys in the ovens (two alarms, three Turkeys, and two ovens).  Instead of ranting about jet-lag, crowded trains, and the return to work letdown, I thought I’d re-post something I saw on Facebook by Mason Jennings.  Personal beliefs about God and higher powers aside, there is something beautiful in the way he writes.  I love his music even more now.  The gravy has coagulated and the leftovers are dusted.  But the Mason’s words (okay, prayer) resonate.  I read his post again today and humbly concluded I wouldn’t come up with anything better for eD.  At least not today.  That said, I am grateful for the surprise and wonder each day brings.  I understand the value of friendship and family and I hope to pay it forward each and ever day.  I’m also not afraid to share someone else’s words:

Thank you God for this world and your love. Thank you for this life and the ability to dream and love and laugh and cry. Thank you for the Sun and stars. Thank you for every person who has come before me and will come after me. Thank you for music and art. Help me to continue to listen for your guidance. Thank you for your animals, trees and water. For the food we eat, the clothes on our backs and the roofs over our heads. For community. Thank you for the Mystery within the Mystery. The light within the light. The darkness within the darkness. May we remain in awe and wonder, in your balance and presence forever and ever. In peace and gratitude.

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  1. Testing…uh testes..one two..?

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