Booty Traps?

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You mean booby traps?  That’s what I said, booby traps! God!  These guys!

I often write and think about “perspective” but I have never really tried to define it.  You can’t touch or feel it (not an absolute statement, actually – touching the frozen outdoor rink in Minnesota with my bare hands only deepened a respect and love for the game of hockey – it was the ice itself and the way it felt, it was different, it was beautiful) though I think most of us know what it is.  Can you feel it when you get it?  Is it like that sip of cold water on an empty stomach?  If you have an aged and worldly perspective, is it harder to recognize those smaller bits you gain one morsel at a time?

Perspective is defined as … never mind, I’m not going to Google it.  Or should I?  Would that be perspective on perspective?

If I had to define it, without an internet search, I would say perspective is what you teach your children.  That has to be it.  Though we don’t have children yet, I do consistently push my thoughts and beliefs on my nieces and nephews (and really anyone else who will listen, I guess including you!).  And if they were to listen, I think what they would hear is my perspective.  And without a doubt, I will push this down the chain when the time comes.  A tree-house is much more than a tree and processed pieces of other trees.  There is so much more to life than face value and the absolutes we face each day.  Ones and zeros add up to something more than a certain sum.  A glass of wine is something entirely different when you have harvested grapes or taken a road trip throughFrance.  It is that extra bit that we just have to share with those that matter to us the most, those bits beyond protons and neutrons, that must be perspective in its purest form.

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