Vanity, Definitely my Favorite Shin

Vanity, definitely my favorite shin. (photo: Rotten Tomatoes)

I remember when I used to fold my Jimmy Z’s into a neat line, with a raised knot, right above obnoxiously thick white socks.  You know, it was the 80’s and “the fold” plagued playgrounds from one valley to the next.  I didn’t shave a line in my head, but I did wake up and place the fold on each leg.

It was origami with my pant leg, and I’m afraid that even at that young age I was well aware that my fashion statement came at a cost: it accentuated my slender ankles.  I guess the fold was my heels.  It was fashion first, and it was a statement.  I wore blue Vans with a white streak and my friends could see my kicks, but only because my hem was wrapped up into a neat package.  Was it vanity?  Maybe.  But there had to be something more than that, because I was in elementary school (crazy assumption that you can’t be vain in third grade).  Maybe I just wanted to fit in.  I didn’t want my calves to stand out in the sand box, and as a price I’d show my skinny ankles.

Or maybe I wanted to be fashion forward.  No.  That’s not me.  Odds are I didn’t know what the bloody hell I was doing.  But I put that fold in my pants.  And when the fold wouldn’t hold, I would staple it.  It’s true.  Dad had a shoehorn, and I used an awesome staple remover to help me get undressed.

There was something more to fashion in that sandbox.  Whatever that something was, I need to remember it on Monday when I pull a suit, shirt, and tie from my wardrobe.  Just maybe I should wear that paisley knot my wife keeps hinting at.  Just maybe I should make a statement, even if I don’t know why.  Otherwise, I’m just another grown kid on his way to work trying to fit in.

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  1. I think I know what you are talking about, but I’m not sure. Could you provide a picture?

    I’m anti-fashion. At the risk of losing my job, I wear the most mis-matched outfit I can come up with that doesn’t offend. This is also a form of vanity. Hard to avoid…

    • Offending by fashion sounds like a great band name! Upon further research, and a reminder to my failing memory, the fold process was also called pegging. Check out the process, and several varieties, at “Eat, Sleep, Denim” though keep in mind that dudes followed this trend too (I’m afraid)!

      Thank you for reading and posting!

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