To Be Determined

Before my bath, let me get my ducks in a row (photo by M. Shovel).

There are a whole lot of blog posts out there on procrastination and I hope that I have read my last one (because it was really well written and on-point), “Stop Procrastinating…Now,” by Amy Gallo. I suppose it is a stretch to say I read the entire article, since I really couldn’t get past the second sentence, a quote by Ernest Hemingway.

When asked how to write a novel, he responded “First you defrost the refrigerator.”

Whether it is facebook, tmz, or the dishes, we all have our ways. Come to think of it, this post is one of my mine. But it is an important one, and I think that may be my solution. If you are going to procrastinate, why not do something that is important to you? In some ways, that will force you to prioritize. Just maybe the task you were procrastinating from wasn’t all that important to begin with?

Ernest Hemingway was on to something and so was my father when he taught me my new mantra: Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. This phrase was apparently coined by Thomas Edison, who continued that, “accordingly, a ‘genius’ is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework.”

We (okay, of the royal variety here) may be full of ideas, but let’s face it, that ending to our novel isn’t going to write itself.

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  1. I read somewhere that procrastination is actually a form of perfectionism…I hold on to that when I’m procrastinating. 🙂


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