Emotional Baggage

Can I get some peanuts?

What is it about airplane movies that makes me just want to ball my eyes out?  I can’t be alone here, but to me no matter how terrible the flick, the drama is thick enough to stow in an overhead bin.  I am not afraid to admit that I’ve had a few Rudy moments at cruising altitude (c’mon, when he reads the acceptance letter on the bench?  Anyone?  No?  If you had half the heart of Ruddiker you’d be all-American and pony up to watery eyes).

Am I the only one that thinks movies on planes are more effective at conveying emotions than when screened on ground?  I have seen a few movies on airplanes and I know for a fact that I am more susceptible to the heart strings when my seatbelt is fastened.   Marley and Me is one thing, but this time around it was the terrible remake of Footloose.  Should I be concerned?  Did you ever get busted for boppin’?

Before anyone gets air marshal on me, and to be clear, there were no water works. But when the high schoolers won the right to hold their dance, I had to pretend to gaze into the sky from my windows seat.  I was just so proud of them (and the director for finally ending the movie). They fought for a fundamental right and didn’t stop two-steps until they won it back.  What had I done that day?  Successfully make it through security without getting the male pat-down assist?  Nothing as important as winning the right to dance, that is for sure.  Truth be told, all I had done was pretend to look out a window with its shade pulled down (it helps reduce glare when watching movies).

I’m telling you, movies on planes are wicked emotional.  So what is it?  Lack of hydration and close proximity to the screen?  Exhaustion?  My guess is that it is just human emotion without the usual distractions.  Whatever it is, this “something”  is what every writer needs to learn to tap into: put your reader in a cramped spot without access to peripheral vision and then hit them with your story so that the only way to avoid the emotional twist is to look away at absolutely nothing.  You wanna dance?

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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s the altitude causing some sort of magnetic reaction in your brain chemicals or something.

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