Say Hello to My Little Friends

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Say Hello to My Little Friend (copyright Universal Studios)

Let’s face it, at times we abandon our friends. They are incredibly important to us; they are part of us, yet days build on days and before long we stop mid-step and realize we have done it again: we have turned our backs on the ones that make us who we are. Together, they are the parts that make us whole. They are our friends.

No, I’m not talking about people here. We abandon them too, I’m afraid, but that is for another day. I’m talking about our friends. Imaginary friends? Perhaps, but not entirely. Friends with benefits? Of course. Friends in high places? Well, sometimes.

These friends are real, they just aren’t people. They give us our happiness and ask only that we allow them to do their jobs. They make us smile on rainy days, push through when challenges knock on our doors, and giggle at entirely inappropriate times. They give us something to talk about and allow us to rest easy when the day is up.

These friends are different for everyone. What’s common, though, is that they are those little things that make us who we are, the elements of an atom and the parts of our whole being.

For me, in this instance, I’m talking about my friends Gym, Book, and Write. They are a couple trusty characters that I have relied on in the past. Yet, I have completely abandoned them over the last several weeks. Well I say no more to that, I will be a better friend. I will visit more regularly, I will listen to the story that has to be told, and I will bang the keys when the inspiration beckons. I will be the friend they deserve, and allow them to do their job.

I have already started.

I went to visit Gym last week and it was incredibly rewarding. We talked about some good times, and though our friendship was not quite what it used to be, we agreed to take small steps to rebuild. It wasn’t entirely a good visit, in fact, I left a little bit sore. Our time was a commitment I was willing to make, because my gut told me it was worth it.

I admit that I haven’ t talked to Book in what seems like ages. I’ve been busy, I haven’t had time for the made-up world. Book is so dramatic, and my life seems to have enough conflict, tension, dreams and desires. I have seen other words. It wasn’t Book, it was me. But I will tell you what, I miss Book. I have promised to rekindle our relationship, because in the end my imagination deserves it.

And this post is dedicated to my friend Write. I haven’t always been there for you, and at times I have lead you on. I have even proclaimed to the world that we have a future together. And we just may. You’ve done nothing but show me anything is possible, and I’ve abandoned you. I’ll be back, soon, I promise. I have to make things right with Gym and Book before I can even give you what you deserve, an energetic imagination that asks for nothing else in return but openness to the happiness you always provide.

Sometimes we forget the things that make us smile, giggle, and persevere. Sometimes there is an excuse. Sometimes a break is a good thing. But when that excuse runs dry and that break is over, we cannot forget to spend a little bit of time with the friends who make us who we are. You know who they are, pay them a visit and tell them eternal Domnation says hello.

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  1. Well, I just can’t believe Pacino if 75. Hoowah!

  2. That’s a nice way of putting it. I’ve been sleeping around with Book and Write a bit too much in the past few months. I’m hoping for a break in June, then I will rekindle my relationship with Trail Run. 😉

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