I’m Just Seine

I’m Just Seine

The repurposed barge pushed us along the Seine.  Intermittent raindrops peppered the river and gave way to the as-advertised romanticism that surrounded us.  The cool air was tempered by the moment: we were exactly where she wanted us to be.  We smiled as we took pictures, not for what was in the frame but for the littered images that passed behind us. 

Patches of blue sky poked out from heavy clouds and the underside of bridges passed overhead.  I remembered the day that our moment was born.  My sister and I were with her, then.  We splashed in the water; she planned it all out and talked about the trip like it had already happened.  She wanted us there, together, on the Seine.   

Our wake slapped water against the graffiti stained walls.  A lanky family waved at us as they hurried along the slick bank towards another attraction.  We waved back.  I’m usually not sure what propels people to wave at complete strangers, but I like that it generally involves a boat.  On that day, I had no doubt why we all waved back to the family on the Seine.  We were exactly where she wanted us to be.  And just maybe because we knew that, we smiled as we took pictures not for what passed behind beneath us but for what welcomed us ahead.

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5 replies

  1. I want more information! Want, not need. You captured the moment and atmosphere beautifully. I enjoyed it.

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment and I’m so happy you enjoyed it. There is so much behind this post. It’s the first time I have really written about my Mom. We lost her in December. I must confess, that understanding life without her is a constant struggle. My sister came to visit me in London and we spent the weekend in Paris. There was a moment during a river cruise when I knew my Mom was looking down on us, happy that we were together. I have to think my sister felt it too. We have had an incredibly tough time dealing with the void, but during that moment I was able to know I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It was really special, and for whatever reason I felt it was time to write about it. Just maybe this is how I will try to fill the void, or attempt to understand. Either way, it felt good to put some words down. Probably more of an explanation than you wanted, but there it is!

  2. What a perfect moment in time preserved in your memory! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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