I See Not-So-Alive People

I See Not-So-Alive People. Okay, screw it. They are dead. (image copyright Hollywood Pictures)

In pursuit of creativity, the permanence of my words often deters me from describing what I have seen. To write fiction, I believe I have two tasks: create and describe. By create, I mean allow my imagination to take me on a journey. This journey is based on some version of the truth, the things I see and take in. And by describe, I mean use words to put a pulse in what I have seen so that the reader my join me in my creation.

The journey to create a fictional world is downright special. In the middle of that ride, I see things differently. Everything in front of me is a nugget of fictional gold. When my imagination is working on a fictional creation, my senses are on fire. Writing fiction has given me this gift, I see things differently – twenty-four hours a day.

The hard part is describing what I see. It’s not coming up with the right words. It’s allowing those words to take their rightful places on the page. It’s not only the permanence of the collection of letters, it’s what they mean. Not everything is proper, posh, and peachy. And sometimes the creation fails if the words are nothing more than an attempt to fit the creation within the polished world we live in. My words need to come from the creation, without fear and filter. Anything less leads to a watered down version of the imaginative journey I worked so hard to make happen.

In a way, I suppose these words serve as a confession. At this stage in the development as a writer, I can say I see things. I find hooks in front of me. My progression plateaus right where my internal editor comes out and prevents me from saying things they way they really are. To my writing friends, and you know who you are, thank you for inspiring me to get the right words out. To do this, I must write what I see.

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  1. Truer words have not been written so well. For me when it comes to characters, I have trouble seeing them, but they talk to me and talk to me, until one day I see them very clearly and the place where they reside. It’s then that I am amazed at who they are. They are no longer my creations but living breathing people who reside in a world within, a world I’m eager to share with others.

  2. We are all glad you write what you see! 🙂

  3. I’m the opposite of The Other Watson. My internal editor doesn’t want to wait.

  4. Well said – I know exactly what you mean and how you feel! I think that’s maybe why I no longer let my internal editor out until the first draft is written in its entirety (and probably also why often I’ll chop and change things, and then completely rewrite the second draft in much the same fashion hahaha). But I love that idea of seeing things, of seeing the story in your mind, and it is always a challenge to express that so others can see those things the way you do (but it is rewarding when you can and do achieve this). Keep writing what you see, because I have no doubt you are seeing something quite amazing! 🙂

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