Words in Spirals

Today is a good day. My fellow blogger JellyPom included me among her list of blogs for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. First and foremost, thank you (I will pass along the award in another post)! When dudes are jumping out of helium balloons from the edge of space, even being mentioned in the same breath as Inspiring is awesome!

Words In Spirals (Image copyright hypnobeast.com)

I sat on the train this morning and thought, with a grin stretched from earbud to earbud, have my words really inspired? In the last year or two, I wrote more than I ever imagined. Just maybe such a thing as to inspire actually transpired? It was a new way to think about my words. Characters and desires, smiles and tears, born from my words, maybe, but to bring about change in someone’s life (other than procrastinating at the beginning of a workday)? I nodded with admission to the rattle of the District Line; then a reminder, first and foremost my fingers are driven by the desire to conspire. Get my words to readers and wedge my thoughts in-between. Together, my readers and words have a life of their own.  

Where my readers take those words I cannot control.  Before I tap the keys, my goal is to get those words into a reader’s eyes, to say otherwise be the mound just before a mountain of lies. But after that, I always assumed the two conspirators parted ways, neither aware of my true thoughts that were hidden somewhere in the seams.  Words are like two-way mirrors, you see, where the reader has the option – but nothing more – of seeing exactly what the writer sees.  What happens after the final punctuation hadn’t crossed my mind.

I tend to think of inspiration as something that is born out of history, the foundation of which is our collective courage to forge a new path.  Can there be history in my words? Is it actually possible that my words, one day, could help pave that road?

Just the thought that something like this is possible, now that is exactly what makes me want to get off the train and do something about it.

What inspires you?

* Note:  Rhyming is now part of my life, please forgive me.

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  1. The knowledge that people read my work and that it moves people is very inspiring… But I think the most inspiring thing for me (other than life and the blessing of breath) is the knowledge that through sharing simple words, we can move and connect, encourage and help one another reflect, that through simple words a web of resilience is strengthened. Whether it is a community create online or in person… Sharing our words, whether or wisdom, or pains, our gratitude or love, what ever the words, creates togetherness… And that is inspiring!!

    • Talk about inspiration – that’ll do the trick right there! Wow, thank you. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 I like that you refer to reflection – I think that is a critical juncture in inspiration. Can you have one without the other?

  2. It’s a very difficult question to answer: what inspires you. There are so many things which effect our daily lives, so many things we see and note, so many things which simply pass by like a shadow on the wall. The world and everything in it is an inspiration, in some ways, you just need to pick out those things which you can give on further, and inspire others with your words.

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