Holy Pozole, I’ve Been Here Before

A hand dryer in Mexico City (copyright eDomnation).

A hand dryer in Mexico City (copyright eDomnation).

Wait a minute, I’ve been here before.

It’s not just the familiar smell of taquitos cooking in corn oil or the crisp smell of lime squeezed over a paper bowl of pozole. Nor is it the effortless Spanish voices behind the street stalls covered by vibrant orange and red awnings. It can’t be those things, because I know, without a doubt, that I have never been to Mexico City before.

But I feel like I have returned; part of my past was formed in the very same streets.  How did familiarity rise above the curiosity I expected with my arrival? The city is undeniably alive, and for the moment, her pulse grabbed me from the inside.

What if our souls are connected to a city or place – somewhere, on the surface, unrelated to our birthplace, home, family, or life as we currently know it?  What if our peace or happiness can only be reached if we reconnect our soul with that place?  Sounds like a journey, better yet a story, that many of us – whether we thought of it in this way – have been on before.

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  1. hhmm….my people on my father’s side are from Corleone, yes that Corleone. 🙂 and i can still remember the feeling i had when i first saw the Godfather and that scene when he returned to exact his revenge. the place just calls me and i’ve yet to go, there is a chance it might happen this summer tho.

    thanks for this well written post and for the likes of my poems on 20 Lines, encouragement is really appreciated.

    • Wow, actually from Corleone?! That is awesome, and what a wickedly cool place for your soul to beckon? I’ve been enjoying your poems – so that’s nothing to thank me for! Keep posting, I’ll keep reading!


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