Write City, Without Words

Sound City (photo taken from Sound City, film by Therapy Content)

Sound City (photo taken from Sound City, a film directed by David Grohl and produced by Therapy Content)

Sound City, directed by David Grohl, documents the infamous and turbulent times of the now defunct recording studio of the same name.  Let me just say, it’s an incredible film (if I get a hankering, I may post a review).  Before writing, music was my creative outlet.  Sound City conjured up incredible memories of a time when creating music played a part of my each and every day.

The film also taught me something about writing.  One of the producers attributed the success of certain albums to the bands ability to make a record that listeners adopted as their own – almost as if they wrote, recorded, and produced the record themselves.  They loved the record so much, it was as if it was part of them – and when they shared the album with their friends, it was as if they were sharing their own creation, part of who they were.

Isn’t that what writing fiction is all about?

The film inspired me: I want to write stories that are read by folks who truly believe they played a part in creating them.  I want to be read, so that my words disappear, so that my craft goes unnoticed.  I want readers to take one of my stories as their own.  To me, that will ultimately be the measurement of my success in this whole writing thing.  And if writing is my new music, I hope I can get by with a little more than the equivalent of a couple of bar chords and distortion pedal.

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  1. I’ve been wondering lately, what is my true heart’s desire and I think you’ve just decribed it – to be able to write and be read the way you talk about…

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