The Flying Curtain

The Flying Curtain (photo by eD, Economy Class).

The Flying Curtain (photo by eD, Economy Class).

The flimsy blue curtain dangled loose from its Velcro snap.  I caught a glimpse of the other side as it swayed with the turbulence.  Between waves of blanket blue, I spied warm peanuts and champagne.

The curtain separated two classes.

Economy.  Why not just call it regular?  Or cattle?  Either way, the curtain seemed to define it.  Well that and my cheap bag of pretzels and plastic cup of water.

I could see curtains in other parts of my life.  Flimsy messages that I’m too young, too old, too early, too late, to do this or to do that.  I looked at my manuscript and saw an iron curtain between written and read.  It was a message: this is your station, best to buckle in.

I ignored the message.  Even curtains made from iron fall.  And that’s not just peanuts.

Truth is, every once and I while I get an upgrade.  I look back on the regular class and wonder, will that curtain save me from going back?  No chance.  Just like it won’t keep me from moving forward, either.  Elephants may be tied to flimsy spikes, but no amount of Velcro will ever keep this writer from reaching the other side.

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  1. I wish you much success in getting your book published–either by others or by your own doing. Technology has made self-publishing relatively inexpensive and authors no longer need to order a lot of boxes of books that may end up sitting in a garage somewhere. For example, check out Createspace. I’ve published three books through them in the last 3 or 4 months. They are a division of, and can automatically get an ISBN assigned to your book and often within hours of my approving the physical proof of my books they were automatically listed on I don’t have to concern my self with fulfilling the orders, collecting money, etc. It’s all done for me and they send the royalties to me via Amazon Payments.


  2. Love the concept. What separates here from there; me from my dreams?

  3. American Spirit on display.who said there are no more fronties.

  4. Ah, you should write a story about the person(s) whom put up those curtains…

  5. Economy class is far more inspiring! Power to the people.

  6. Reblogged this on lindaghill and commented:
    Wise words of encouragement for the writer in all of us.

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