Seasons Please

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Seasons Please. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the seasons ceased to change the moment the ripples in your heart were swallowed by the sea

you and I in the past tense

to say we’d from the weeds in my veins where embers used to bleed

this cannot be

orange and gold burst into red the moment your pulse eluded me

told me no, a void will not suffice, as if you’d allow me to fight

set you free

there is no empty space next to me

it was we that I could see

there was never an and when it came to you and me

you took us, you see, a kindred tree with leaves to bare if only the seasons could change


I’d say we’d, but there it is, that place for me which I cannot concede

you and I in the past where we shouldn’t be

It’s your fire; you alone may accept its light

to show me what I’ve seen, stoke my calendar, swap April from Autumn

create a summer’s breeze, allow me to see what the space in your heart has stolen from me

Pull morning from night and make me believe

my heart conspires to cover the lines in your face in my memory

but only because when I say we’d, the past may continue to rain from our tree

where no and swings free

just a well-worn path for us to see winter fall to spring

and summer to bring you back to me

Prompt: Eva Cassidy “I Know You By Heart,” a song about love and loss.

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