Hawai-I Do

Hawai-i do

Hawai-i do

I can’t remember all the details, which is a shame.  It was a week for the ages, a celebration of a commitment between two wonderful friends, an elation of the union we were actually part of, in a small way, a living body of friends and family with anxious energy that lead up to the moment the rings were exchanged.  And we were part of the pure joy, also alive, that buzzed like a Bikini Blonde the second it was all over.  Done, dusted, married.

And it went that fast.  It did.  Only five days removed from the ceremony, it seems like a lifetime ago.  A week in Maui with my family, dressed in smiles virtually the entire time, was amazing on its own.  But this sucker had a pulse, we were all there together and I’d like to think we left our mark, not in the sand or in our bar tabs, but in the memories we created together.  No, not the details – they will go, like our tans – but in the mutual notion that we were there, man.  We were there that perfect day just off Honoapiilani Highway when Ali and Angela got hitched, and that is something to smile about even if we can’t remember who played air guitar on the dance floor.

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  1. I don’t know what it is with me and my readers. Just when I think of visiting someone, they tap me and make it that much easier to hop over. I really appreciate your writing. It’s more than the interesting descriptions of the thing itself, but how you braid them with reflection.

    “No, not the details – they will go, like our tans – but in the mutual notion that we were there, man. “

    • Interesting how that happens, right? It’s strange, but sometimes the same thing happens to me – I’ll be looking for a little inspiration or just something interesting to read and I’ll pop onto wordpress to find a few breadcrumbs leading me to right where I need to go!

      Thank you for you kind words, I really do appreciate your support and encouragement – and inspiration when those bread crumbs lead me to your site! 🙂

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