Race to More of Me

"I just saw the most amazing thing in my life!"  The Truffle Shuffle (© 1985 - Warner Bros.)

“I just saw the most amazing thing in my life!” The Truffle Shuffle (© 1985 – Warner Bros.)

I tell myself it’s not a race towards a jolly laugh, yet I feel the pace quicken.  Call it the mid-thirties, or maybe it’s just that choices have presented themselves.  Whether it’s my youth that disappears with each step or the realization that there’s more to life than tricking a metabolism that has set its own course, my reflection is more than it used to be.

I’ve pinned numbers on my chest, trained multiple times for a variable digit followed by a “k,” hell I have even kissed dirt after completing an infamous swim.  I remember my brother telling me, “dude if you have to eat while you are running, you are running too far.”

Maybe he was right.

Powders and pouches, timers and tick marks, those days seem like a life time ago.  The land, sea, and air used to be my training ground.  Now it’s just where my feet take me, beyond an alarm clock starting line, right on through responsibility, accountability, and how-did-I-get-here maturity.  Oh right, and writing.  I’d rather write.  Let’s not forget that part.

We have choices.  In my younger days, I ran.  Looking back, I’m not sure what I ran from.  I’d like to think my older-self (dare I say me, right now, with my son tucked away in his crib and my glass of Pinot counting down the rest of the night) ran after me with a blank sheet of paper.  A few workouts – a run here, a long ride there – just enough to keep the ticker going is about right these days.  The merits of extra girth may not be easy to see, but when you hear my belly laugh, you’ll know the reflection in the mirror is really me.


Prompt: Merits of extra girth

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  1. Some things get worse; but the things that improve with age make up for it. The secret to aging gracefully is to be comfortable with each stage, although I’m still shrinking from the mirror and bright lights on my worst days. On my best days, I still feel twenty.

  2. So well spoken…….little brother, trust me, you are not alone. We all got through those exact stages…….and moments…….I will not cause early fears of what’s to come…….just know, each day is a journey worth chasing.

  3. Excellent…but just a little extra, right? Great response to the prompt. 🙂

    • Hahah, yes. Thank you! I’d say I’m just as active as I’ve always been, just not in an organized way 🙂 I really liked this prompt – especially working backwards from it in this post. Good times indeed – thank you for your comment and continued support!!!

      • Well, I got me a lot of extra. I don’t mean to be the fat-police or anything, because I am not (by any stretch of the imagination). But I do like to run, bike, kayak AND eat. And your piece hit home for me. Thanks for posting it.

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