What’s Important to Me?

Not that I'm going to worry about happiness (image: Norman Mingo, MAD Magazine)

Not that I’m going to worry about happiness (image: Norman Mingo, MAD Magazine)

With long lines at the gym and salad bars, I can’t help but think January has to mean something more to me.  It’s not just a new calendar year, it’s a new beginning: a time, no doubt, to set goals and pause for reflection, a park bench for all of us to sit on and ask ourselves what’s important to me?

It’s a great month to lift the distractions that had descended upon us during the holiday season, the perfect opportunity to focus on those things in our lives that really matter: for me it’s the things that are really important, you know, the ones that make me happy.

Of course, the follow up question is what makes me happy?  Family, friends, health.  It’s the usual cast of characters.  But, perhaps, it’s not so obvious.  Maybe what makes me happy – in addition to these things – is still lurking out there, evading the right side of the either ors.

I can acknowledge that a single month isn’t long enough to make the minor tweaks necessary in my life to result in lasting happiness (by the way, I’m a pretty happy guy, but once you get a taste you just want more).  But it certainly is a good time to recognize the fact that life is about choices, and I probably should pause and really make sure I’m making the right ones.  I can take the time to ask myself, is this important to me?  If the answer is yes, well the rest is pretty simple: get in line, if there is one.

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8 replies

  1. It begs the question, Why?

  2. DG, Bravo for acknowledging that life is about choices. Always. Yet many don’t see this as obvious. Perhaps your post will help to solidify and clarify this for others.

    To tweaking (sad that I had to intentionally pause to ensure I wasn’t typing twerking), it is obvious that many use the year’s turn to trigger redirection and focus. At least they are contemplating and possibly, taking action. So, kudos in either of those cases. Some years ago I came to the realization that there isn’t anything magical about January 1st, at least when it comes to addressing reflection and initiating change. I do it year round, whenever I feel the need or desire. I prefer this untethered approach as I get to choose any time to do any thing. And I don’t have to deal with lines. 🙂

    Good post and prompt.

    • Hahaha, the twerking comment just about killed me. I still don’t totally understand what that means, I’m afraid. But I’m also afraid to google it.

      One word really did stand out in your comment – ACTION. For me, reflection and goal setting and even talking about either of the two are useful exercises but, in the end, action is what lies between us and our wants.

      As a prompt, it is interesting to think about our dreams and goals. Let’s say we had to write down one goal (or dream) – simple sentence, no more than 10 words. Now let’s assume we had to pass through a gate to achieve that same goal (okay, not an intentional reference to Heaven’s gates) – and that there was, in fact, a line between us and the threshold of the other side. Who would be in that line? What would they look like? What would our conversations sound like? Come here often? Do you have all your paper work prepared? Can I borrow a pen.

      A fun thought. Thanks, as usual, for checking in on my Eric. Much appreciated!

  3. Always good to reflect, check in with one’s self. Great post.

  4. heh, please direct me to a place where there are no lines,
    i’ll make that choice even if it’s wrong .lol!

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