The Sound of Our Souls

No Small Feet (Photo by eD)

No Small Feet (Photo by eD)

How often are our footsteps the only thing we hear?

I’d venture to say it’s a rarity, living and working in the city, which is such a shame as the world beneath us is so large yet we seldom pay attention to it – even when it speaks to us, through our strides. Like raindrops on a tin roof, each step a whisper to our past and an accumulation to our future.

Our stories in the gravel, foot by foot a narrative of where we have come from and where we all are certain to end up. I like to think of it in that way, like there is someone or something watching us from below, tracing our souls, monitoring our paths, warning us to mind the gap.  Sure, it’s a touch whimsical or maybe even a little bit morbid. Truth is, sometimes I wish I could listen to my footsteps knowing that there is someone else out there that wants nothing but to strain their ears to tickle my toes.

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  1. Excellent observation. There is something so evocative about any place where footsteps can be heard. Great insights.

  2. I’m really digging the profound thought. This is something us city slickers simply can’t appreciate without being out of our element. Be it snow, sand or gravel, there is something comforting about your footsteps leaving an impression.

    No one likes being labeled as insignificant and this simply observation really shows how much impact one pair of feet can make.

    As such Thanks for frequenting and supporting my short stories, it’s always nice to know I’ve left an impression.

  3. I wanted to leave a comment, but I was unsure. Then, I saw eternalLuck. Well….In that case…. 😀

    I loved the poem. Since I live in the city (thankfully I’m more in the suburban area) and I absolutely hate the noise. Everything is so noisy. I love being in nature and listening to the harmony everything around me creates. Being there, the noise the human makes is so unnatural and invading. We got so used to the noise that we don’t even recognise that it is also a form of stress, esspecially when being submited for it to long…. I have became very aware of it since I have been having heath problems. The noise and the crowd would iritate me enormously. On the contrary, being in the woods or just outside the city I would feel lifted and happy.

    So, now, even though my heath is getting better I still look forward to much more time spended out of the reach of city hoisy grasp. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you were enticed by eternalLuck 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words and even more so you sharing your thoughts with me. I know exactly what you mean – I like how you refer to us, as humans, and the noise that spits off from our footsteps as being some sort of invasion on nature. I can’t agree more. What is fascinating is that when I leave the city, sometimes, the lack of noise has that same impact. I really hope that your health is on the mend – I know we have only just “met” here on wordpress, but please know that I will light a candle for you (this is what we do in my family)! I hope you have a speedy recovery and even one day long for the days of buses zooming by, fire engines squealing, and church bells ringing. Why? Because when you get the chance to go on a hike where the wind is the only thing you hear, you sure as heck will notice it! 🙂

      • You are welcome. I thought I should write, because I know exactly what are you talking about 🙂
        You moved me with lighting a candle, that is beyond sweet of you… I don’t know what to say, really. 🙂 I hope that the recovery is fast too, but it is a kind of condition that takes a lot of time to heal (10 years this year), I am happy I CAN heal so the doctors say. I don’t write about it because it makes me sad, and blog is my inspirational place, I don’t want another place to be reminded of it. But, what I do is take every lesson that comes from it and learn and take care of myself and with great love and patience I get hope and carry on. You can read my poem I wrote in one of the Daily quests in my mini challenge, I will link it here. 🙂

        Hehehe, you think I would miss it? I don’t know… I haven’t gone anywhere to be “alone with the wind”, when I go away from the city I found myself surrounded with sounds of nature; birds, diferent animals, water, smell… I dive into it. 🙂 And also I don’t go alone, so I share that with the person I’m with and I got my camera with me. 😀

  4. I am smiling and will carry forth, your words and the visual of someone straining their ears to tickle my toes. 🙂 I’ve not before thought of the “from below” reference as my focus has always been trained upward and on who/what might be radiating us with light and love from above. Now you’ve introduced cause for whiplash! Always appreciating your work.

    • It’s interesting, right? I hadn’t really thought of it in that way, either. I have had a particularly crazy quarter at work and have had very little time for reflection (or writing, unfortunately). The other day I went for a walk during the afternoon and found myself listening to the gravel give way to my feet. It was wonderful. I felt connected, a momentary reprieve from the hectic work day!

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