Teen Age Idol

I keep getting older, they...(copyright Gramercy Pictures)

I keep getting older, they…(copyright Gramercy Pictures)

Who did I idolize as a teenager?  I gave myself sixty-seconds to think about it and concluded that the better question is who didn’t I idolize as a teenager?

Like many, during the awkward teenage years, I idolized anyone that:

  • lacked a frog in their throat,
  • had clear skin (with the exception of a killer mustache),
  • had a driver’s license,
  • could talk to girls without blushing,
  • weighed more than 142 pounds, and
  • owned their own bowling shoes.

It’s silly isn’t it?  What I love about this thought, though, is that when it comes to writing, it’s these types of oft irrational idolizations (or jealousies or insecurities) that help make our characters relatable. I can still relate, in fact, to my teenage self (I still can’t grow a killer mustache).  Can you?


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