Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections (Why I Write)

An Idea About Words (Photo By Stefan Krause, Germany (Own work) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons)

An Idea About Words (Photo By Stefan Krause, Germany (Own work) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons)

Wayward words tumble like elbows, knees, and toes fall into the gut of a man pushed down a padded flight of stairs.  Padded stairs?  Yes, padded stairs – just in case I’m that man, so that I can survive to mumble the words that have no choice but to come together, linked in a line by circumstances of a fall.

What. Happened?

I’m thinking about voice. When the keys flow, why is it that certain words come together in a way that is unique enough to call our own? The same exact sentence written by two different authors could differ — without context, instead by the reader’s acknowledgement that there is something telling about the person that penned the phrase – this is voice, isn’t it?

It’s the ability to write “sorry” and convey nothing but, or chuckle on the page through a single word anchored in a hint that grows with each letter into a glare.

Pushed into a blank line, words have the ability to snowball on one end, and melt on the other.

This is why I write, when I have the time. Mere words have endless potential. Justify the readers’ time, and validate mine.


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  1. Dominic

    Your comment was so generous and enormous that it left me humbled and speechless or rather wordless. I think that you hit the nail on the head, “We are all part of a community”. Rather than blurting out a reply that would not truly expressed my heartfelt wishes, I wanted to acknowledge your comment, while I found the right words to express my gratitude. Thank you again for being a part of my mind’s eye, offering your words so freely, not only in your post, but your comment as well. That is an amazing gift! You have a wonderful written voice, your style, and the way you are able to capture the essence of a thought or idea, then transferring that into a language that the reader can understand, appreciate and relate to. Marvelous! Thank you again!


    • Oh my goodness pepper, now you have me giddy :). Super cool of you, I’m really humbled by your support and words of high praise. I’m just a dude with a blog about writing and life – maybe one day I’ll have a few books out there to back it all up with (not that I write for that reason – I don’t, as you know by now!). to think you appreciate my writing as you have described is incredibly endearing and it really, truly, inspires me to keep at it. Thanks again 🙂 happy writing!

  2. I wrote for quite some time before what “voice” IS finally, finally dawned on me. And I realized the best books I had read, the author’s voice was the enticement to delve deeper into their story. It brought the characters alive, made them people I wanted to know more about–the who and the what and the why. Voice is everything to a well-told story.

  3. Reminds me of a phase I had of scribbling odd ditties about the joy of words – posted on an ancient website before the days of blogs – but still accessible:


    • “Several scribbles around a theme build up a picture.” I love that. 🙂 it is going to take me some time to digest, and get through, but I’m really enjoying your poems (as I always do)! Thanks for sharing!!! I’ve found a new source of inspiration!

  4. I love the idea of endless possibilities.

    “or chuckle on the page through a single word anchored in a hint that grows with each letter into a glare.” Just reading these words made me smile, thank you!


    • What a wonderful thought, right? That there is no limit, that we can take writing and do whatever we want with it – it really is an exciting proposition!

      Thank you, Pepper, for your kind comment, and for quoting my words back to me – nothing beats that!


      • Hi Dominic,

        Your post, “Writerly Reflections (Why I Write)”, has been floating around in my mind for the past several days. That is kind of strange in a good way, yes? There is probably a reason for that, beyond the fact that your words seemed to resonate with me. I am to participate in a Blog Tour – The Writing Process on Monday, and I would love to mention you and your blog, and include a link to your post. Please let me know if you would be comfortable with that idea, if so great, if not that’s okay too.

        Enjoy your weekend,


        • Wow, absolutely. I’m so thrilled and humbled. Thank you – your kind words have stretched a smile from ear to ear, I really appreciate it! I can’t wait to read your post (I have been taking your blog in sprints, allowing your poems to set in – and I love the images – again so happy that my words resonate with you)!!!


  1. Blog Tour 2014 – The Writing Process | field of thorns

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