Writing About Disjoint

I’ll go, disjoint dead anyway (source: wikicommons).

You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.

–Maya Angelou

My backspace key may need to be replaced – it’s really hard to add to the late Maya Angelou’s quote (not to be negative, or anything).

I’ve deleted a number of thoughts, but all seemed to center around a central idea: if we are the sum total of all those things, so is our writing.

But I’d venture to say our characters, poetry, and ramblings are comprised of absolutes rather than the whole. I know that may be a contradiction, but what I mean is that our pluses and minuses, or positives and negatives, both together and individually add inertia to our words. It’s only that we have experienced both that our character’s have air to fill their lungs.

Loss needs something to follow.

The average day doesn’t do a whole lot for my writing – so I’m better served to just get after it. On those unfortunate days when my experiences aren’t as intended, I’ll do my best to live Maya’s words and try to make whatever ails me positive – even if it is just for the sake of writing.

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  1. “…even if it is just for the sake of…” perhaps, anything. While I was challenged by the word “absolutes,” I like the concept of experiences adding inertia to our words. When reflecting on your perspective, Dominic, I find comfort in the role conscious choice plays to form and frame our words and expressions. We can choose to focus on (and thus, write about) the matters/events/people who positively influence us. Our words can selectively follow what has meaning and matters most to us. Depending on our expression intentions, our words, thoughts, feelings, etc. can (disproportionately?) take from only those experiences we wish to share versus the sum of what has influenced us.

    Sorry. A Joysesan-like stream of consciousness here. The synapse aren’t firing in synch.

  2. Is it in some people’s genes that they moult, and get rid of the outer skin that prevents the ingress of the negatives of life? But, also it is fire that makes gold purer.

    Nevertheless, mostly it is too late when we decide to forget. By that time, if we have not purified ourselves, we have a burned out the skin, and it is of no use anymore; and we are vulnerable to the onslaught of eternal misery.


    • Hi Mikupa, great (as usuall) to read your insight. You always find a way to dig deeper into the subject at hand! I do believe that genes have something to do with it, sure. I also agree by the time we decide to take information one way or the other, time will have made our task insurmountable. With respect to vulnerability, well that is always there I’m afraid, but that we are vulnerable is a beautiful thing – we are always one day away form the unexpected, and that forces us to cherish and act in a fascinating way.

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