Sush by Thomas Saliot (

Sush by Thomas Saliot (

From this point on, you have fifty words.

Until the day you die.

Speak today and silence may claim the rest of your days. But unspoken words will expire with your final breath.

Think, not for moments, but for days, weeks, even months. Then say it because you have to.

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  1. Beautiful!….when I don’t speak, they all think something is wrong with me. :); I do enjoy only speaking with my eyes.

  2. I like how you use the scarcity of words on the page to stress how important each piece of language we write truly is.

  3. I already have a hard time NOT talking. Lord, I’d be out of words in five minutes or less.
    A jewel of a story–gives one much to think about. πŸ™‚

  4. Rarely do mine go unspoken. Especially when they’re from emotional bedrock.

    Interesting, Dominic, “From this point on…” could almost be a mantra. Appreciate your brilliance in brevity.

    • Thanks, Eric. Well I stuck to my concept and limited myself to 50 words. Brevity, when forced, can be a powerful thing – especially when there is so much to say about the topic. I’m actually thinking about turning it into a novella. Just an idea.

      I’m glad emotional bedrock comes without a fence, of sorts, as I feel I’m often a beneficiary of the words you throw my way. Keep ’em coming, I appreciate them more than you probably know. Happy 4th Eric!!!!

  5. I don’t dare comment! I am using up ten words!


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