A Curtain Hung Between Us

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  1. Very, very poignant, and perhaps your best piece as well. Simple and understated- I know exactly what you mean. Love you so much Uncle Dominic. xxx

  2. Please don’t let your twin become one of the ‘invisible’ cancer sufferers. People tend to pull back from people with cancer, for the very reasons you expressed, at the very time they need the most support. Make the effort to see him and speak with him on a weekly basis.

    • You have my word I will never let that happen! I totally see how that could happen – it’s so incredibly painful to talk about, to face head on, so it is almost natural that we would avoid the topic. The good news is my brother is talking about it, using humor and honesty to let his friends and family know where he is at. In my family, we talk about everything. Though I give my brother space, as much as I can, we talk all the time and inevitably we talk about his cancer and where he is at, physically and emotionally. Thank you for reading and for your very real and important reminder!!! (sorry it took so long to respond)

      • Dear me, like you don’t have enough on your plate.

        I’ve recently lost a family member to cancer, joining a long list of people I love who have died of or suffered from the Big C.

        One of the worst possible things to happen was the way people drift away, like bad luck was catching. As well, a dying person sometimes wants to push their loved ones away, as they can’t bear to see their suffering mirrored back at them.

        My husband is a long-term cancer survivor. You have to stay positive and engaged. I wish you and your brother all the best, and sincerely hope their is a happy outcome.

  3. A beautifully written piece, worthy of the FP. I’m no twin, but I completely relate about wanting to FEEL — or even take — the pain of a loved one, particularly one of my children who are exactly half of me. My best to your brother and you on his complete recovery.

    • Thank you, Shannon. Oh man you are right – as a father, this concept is even easier to see and feel! Really appreciate you kind words and well wishes – means a lot to both of us! (sorry for lagging on responding, with the FP going to the blog I guest published the piece on, things got a little hectic and I ended up ignoring my own blog)!

  4. I, along with many, share your gene pool. Love

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