The Most Beautiful Smile Comes From Me

A stock smile has nothing on me. (copyright Getty Images)

A stock smile has nothing on me. (copyright Getty Images)

Nobody ever said the most beautiful smile I’d ever see would come from me. You may ask, as do I, how can that be?

It’s true. I can feel my smile warm the room, happiness leaping from the creases in my parted lips. There is laughter, too, and like a tingling in our jest, I can actually feel the air on my teeth – the freaking air on my teeth – because my smile has never been so damn beautiful.

My smile, you see, is a mirror reflecting what’s in front of me. Our son growing between breaths; our laughter overlapping, our family just weeks away from they used to be three. And it is strange to find my own smile so beautiful, I know. But I’m okay with that, but only because you are next to me, the most damn beautiful smile on your lips, reflecting my smile back at me.

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5 replies

  1. I cannot help but think that impending fatherhood (x2) is significantly contributing to this smile. Why not simply say you’re radiating? 🙂 I can almost see and just as importantly, feel your glow. Beam on, my friend!

  2. Thank you sister, I love you too! I have so much to be happy about, you being one of those things! Miss you, love you!!!

  3. Nothing better than feeling enough confidence and to be happy ! Keep smiling ! ^_^

  4. I love you and your amazing happiness!!! This is a great time! Xo

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