Creative Writing

The Daily Rind

Slice up a lemon and put it in your tea. Go ahead, do it, and see what happens. Try and take a sip without saying “ahh.” I’m telling you, it’s impossible. I’m not saying lemon is the greatest thing since sliced-other-things…. Read More ›

Stream of Words

Stream of conscious. Streams are a conscious thought, now. I used to collect tadpoles with my brother. I used to pretend the lazy water turned into rapids and my tadpoles were saved from impending death-by-rock-and-water. Just maybe, I saved them…. Read More ›

What if?

Writers use prompts to rev up their arguably creative minds.  I am partial to “What If?” (A. Bernays and P. Painter), at least when I am in the prompting mood.  The prompts often remind me of childhood, when “what if?”… Read More ›

Life is a Holiday

Vacation.  What does it mean to you?  If you break it down, and no this is not a snooty Latin exercise  (which we all know would be ‘acation-vay’), you have ‘vacate’ and ‘tion.’  Maybe ‘tion’ is pronounced ‘shun.’ Vacate and… Read More ›

What is Love?

We know what it is, though we may not know exactly where it starts and where, if at all, it ends. There have been countless books, movies with Matthew McConaughey, poems, and Hallmark cards that try to elicit the feeling or tell… Read More ›