Creative Writing

Meaning to Write

I’ve just become a better writer. I didn’t attend a writing conference, finish a book of prompts, or get a piece published. In fact, strictly speaking, I didn’t do anything. Life happened. As a result of this particular occasion, words,… Read More ›

Image That?

So I got to thinking: How much would I pay for a hard-drive that contained every single image captured by my own eyes? What would my autobiography, uncensored and limited only by the ability of my photoreceptors to convert light… Read More ›


I’d say with a good deal of confidence that regret is generally a bad thing: as a verb, it’s to feel sorry or disappointed about something and, as a noun, it’s a sadness associated with that  something (for the various… Read More ›

Filthy Guilt

At times, I write out of guilt. That has to be a bad thing, right? It’s a wasted emotion, an attachment to judgment, something endured by lapsed Catholics. Guilt is nothing but a filthy animal. Truth is, I don’t really… Read More ›

The Switches

  She giggled under the weight of the comforter.  It was a nice reminder that we’d be okay.  We’d learn to accept the changes we couldn’t control, cope with the losses our family endured, and celebrate the gains that would make us… Read More ›