The Switches

  She giggled under the weight of the comforter.  It was a nice reminder that we’d be okay.  We’d learn to accept the changes we couldn’t control, cope with the losses our family endured, and celebrate the gains that would make us… Read More ›

Pace Yourself Chippy

I hurried along the footpath from Putney Bridge station towards home, eager to flip between the stream of a Dodgers day game against the Cubs and Manchester United’s walk-a-bout over an inferior German side in UEFA action.  I neared the… Read More ›

Mind the Gap

It is to Thailand’s “same same, but different,” or Mexico’s “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.” It is plastered on the walls of tube stations, inked on cheap cotton t-shirts and painted on ceramic mugs sold at stalls near… Read More ›

Fulham Myself

By George, it’s George. Yes. This is me walking.  Walking with my headphones on.  The streets of Fulham resemble the scene in front of me.  The resemblance is strong, because it is the streets I speak of that disappear behind… Read More ›